Kids Banter

Yesterday my five year old Charlie burped and said “accuse me”. I couldn’t stop laughing. I love chatting with him because he’s one of the funniest people I know but then every mother says that about their child. Don’t get me wrong he has his moments that are not so funny too. But this post is about the funny things that kids say or talk about. I have a two year old too, Jesse, but he hasn’t quite gotten to the “accuse me” stage yet. He communicates by blowing air out of his nostrils and pointing at things but he’ll get there eventually. Actually he can say pop and bin, you know all the important stuff

The other day we were walking home from the shop and I heard some girls calling Charlies name. Three girls to be exact. They were waving frantically over at him “Charlie, Charlie, Charlie”. So Charlie, cool as a cucumber and with his Cornetto in one had, waved casually at them “Hi girls, sorry just passing, have to eat this ice cream” As we got into the park I heard one of the girls shouting out “she’s in love with you”. Charlie oblivious to all of this just kept eating his ice cream. I asked him who they were? He replied “just some girls in my class”


A few weeks ago before he went to bed he said to me “mammy you are so beautiful” Of course i was chuffed. Thanks Charlie. But he wasn’t finished “but not when you make that angry face” Not so chuffed. All these little Charlieisms prompted me to write down some of the little funny things because I know as he gets older I wont remember them all. I bought a little Journal each for Charlie and Jesse and I’ve started writing in the little sayings. I’m sure we’ll all have a bit of a giggle when we read them when they’re older.


What are the funniest things you’ve heard your kids or even someone elses kids saying. i’d love to hear them.



So this weeks installment of Gracie Loves… is none other than Snapchat. Yes Gracie Loves Snapchat or so she thought.

I can’t actually remember when I joined exactly butIi think it was around January of this year. I started following loads of beauty bloggers, makeup artists, foodies, storytellers, you name it. I LOVED them all. Had great craic watching their snaps. Learned loads about baking, applying make up etc. And I loved listening to people’s stories about their day and funny things that happened to them. But I knew this wouldn’t last. I’m still following a lot of people I followed from the beginning and I still love their snaps but with some I’ve noticed that the more popular they become the more out of touch with reality they’ve become. And once where they would have chatted about this and that now it’s turned into things like ‘please please like my page’ ‘my instagram is this, my twitter is this, my facebook is this, the colour of my knickers is this’ which is grand. There’s nothing wrong with promoting yourself but when its every single day people will get fed up and switch off.

Anyway the reason I decided to write about this in the first place was because of a situation I found myself in over the weekend. I will not be mentioning names obviously because I don’t want to be getting anyone into trouble. For the first time I blocked someone. I didn’t really know what else to do and in hindsight it was maybe a little harsh because let’s be honest nobody wants to be blocked. They were not nasty to me nor did they send me any inappropriate pictures of certain anatomy.


I have chats with a lot of people on snapchat and I’ve gotten to know a lot of great people through it. Recently I was having the chats with the male of the species. Very nice person, funny blah blah blah. However I thought the conversation was going one way but the more chats I had the more I realised that it was going in another direction. You can use your imagination here. I felt uncomfortable about this because I’m married and so was he. I made that clear. And hence the reason for the blocking.

It got me thinking that you really don’t know who’s watching your snaps. It could be ANYONE!! And by ANYONE I mean ANYONE. I’ve watched a lot of people’s snaps where they’ve been called some horrendous names and horrible things have been said about their children. Do we really want to expose ourselves like that?

I haven’t really snapped properly since that incident because I just feel a bit uneasy now and its left a bad taste in my mouth. Im hoping that I’ll snap out of it (see what I did there).

I wouldnt be surprised if Snapchat has put a strain on friendships, marriages etc. I think it can change a person. Its a great outlet for people but the reality is its not reality. Unfortunately I think some people dont see it that way and its become another life for them. A bit of escapism. Once it doesnt become your life. And be prepared that if you voice your opinion on something you’re going to get a response and its not always going to be kind. I like to see Snapchat as light hearted go to. And hopefully it’ll stay that way.

If you’d like to share any experiences you’ve had on snapchat please feel free to comment below. Thanks for listening x

Nia Calendula & Orange Blossom Facial Cleansing Balm

This is going to be my most amateur blog post. Why? The photos, that’s why. However I’m hoping my photos will convince you just how much I love this product. I purchased this before I started my blog. I now know that when you decide to review a product you must take your photos before you use it. Unfortunately I was already half way through using it when I wrote my first blog post. I used the last bit last night and I just love it so much I thought Id take a walk on the wild side and go against all the rules and do a blog post about it regardless of how unglamorous the inside of the pot now looks.

Nia is an Irish brand and I love to support irish brands. The ingredients alone would draw your attention. It contains Cocoa Butter, Coconut oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Soya bean oil, Vitamin e oil, Rosemary seed extract, Rose absolute, Roman chamomile oil, Orange blossom (neroli) essential oil, Lavender Oil, Emmulsifier made from natural sources.Completely Free of Parabens, Steroids, Fragrance, Water, Additives, Silicones, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Beeswax, Petroleum, Emulsifiers, Synthetic Fragrance. The smell reminds me of when you go to a spa for a massage. So relaxing and feels so good for your skin.


It’s a balm that comes in solid form in the tin (similar to coconut oil but a bit softer). When applied to the skin it tuns into an oil and once massaged in it dissolves makeup. It comes with three cleansing cloths. Yes THREE!!!  You run the cloth under warm water and them remove the balm from your skin. I ran a cotton pad soaked in Micellar water over my face afterwards and there had been no trace of makeup left. I do however use a separate eye makeup remover for my eyes. I’ve always done this though no matter what cleanser I’ve used. It also comes with a wooden spatula to remove the product from the tin which I found really handy. It retails at €20.00 and I purchased mine from here or you can also get from here. A little goes a long way. Mine lasted me for ages. And as you can see from the next picture I was scraping the barrel. I would definitely repurchase.





Before I go any further Id like to say that I have not been paid by Invisalign or Clear Braces to promote their products (I wish) nor have they asked me to speak about them.

In recent years I’ve become paranoid about my teeth. Paranoid about the colour and how crooked they were. Anytime I saw a photo of me smiling I’d zoom in and analyse them and think uugghh. So then I stopped showing my teeth in photos. This might work for Victoria Beckham but I just looked awkward. I’d played with the idea of getting braces but I was told by my dentist that I’d need my bottom two wisdom teeth removed first so that put me off. Eventually I had to get those wisdomers out anyway because they were causing problems so after that was accomplished I decided to get cracking on the braces.

First thing I did was google reviews about Invisalign. This can be a help and a hindrance. Some were very positive, others were like a horror story. Then I went onto the Clear Braces website which you can find here. They have a list of approved and qualified Invisalign providers so I chose the place that was handiest for me to travel to which is here. I made my appointment with them for a free consultation. They are still offering free consultations. A lot of dentists charge at least €50 for the same consultaion. I thought it’s free, I’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

After the consultation they advised me I was a suitable candidate. I then just had to decide if I wanted to proceed. I decided yes there and then because I knew if I’d gone home to think about it I’d put it on the long finger. They then took moulds and sent them away to America to have my aligners made up. Before I left I paid a €500 deposit and then agreed to a €250 direct debit every month for 13 months. The total cost was €3950. If you can afford to pay the full amount in one go they sometimes have an offer of €500 off.

I think it took about 6 weeks for my aligners to arrive. I got a call to advise they were there and then I made an appointment to have the first ones fitted. They flossed in between some teeth with a metal strip to provide small gaps because my teeth were crowded. Then they applied little attachments to some teeth which the aligners click onto. When they first put the aligners in my mouth I was so conscious of them. I remember walking up Grafton Street feeling like I had a massive gum shield in my mouth and that my lips were huge. After about day 2 I just kept thinking ‘oh god what have i done’ They just felt so weird and I wanted them out. Then I had to pass the hurdle of wearing them in work and talking to people. I was so paranoid about having a lisp.


After about a week I didn’t mind anymore. After about 2 weeks I didnt even think about them. And now after 46 weeks its like taking on and off a pair of glasses. It just becomes part of your everyday routine. I remove them to eat and after brushing my teeth and cleaning the aligners I pop them back in. I don’t have to avoid certain things such as red wine or curry because unlike traditional braces I don’t have them in whilst eating or drinking. The only thing you can drink whilst wearing them is water. Also they’re great if you’re on a diet because you can’t just pick up that cake or biscuit to snack on because usually the effort of having to take out your aligners and put them back in is enough to deter you from the forbidden fruits. I’ve also had very little discomfort with them. Usually when I start a new set of aligners it feels a bit tight for a day but that subsides.

I’m now on set 23 out of 25. When im finished with set 25 ive to get more moulds done for some refinements and that’s it. And they also offer teeth whitening free of charge at the end of your treatment.

The lovely Dr.Rachel O’Hagan was looking after me for my initial consultation and then I’ve been seeing Dr.Kevin Murphy for all my visits and he’s so nice. You’re in and out of your appointments in 5 mins. I have to go every 8-10 weeks for a check up to make sure everything is moving as it should be.

So, if like me, you are fed up with your ‘bandy’ teeth I would definitely recommend Invisalign. Its one of the best decisions I ever made.

If you have any questions about them fire ahead, I’m more than happy to answer.

Jo Malone’s Lime Basil & Mandarin


Jo Malone? Who’s that? Said no one ever. I remember the first time I laid my nose on Jo Malone. Someone was wearing the body lotion in the scent Lime Basil & Mandarin. I said ‘You smell lovely’. They raised their arm up to my nose and I had a sniff. I said ‘Ooooh I like that’. Two minutes later I asked ‘Can I have a smell of that again please?’ And the rest is history. I have tried many other perfumes since then (I have a slight obsession with perfume) but I always go back to Jo Malone. I have tried a few of the scents in the Jo Malone range but my favourite by far is the Lime Basil & Mandarin one.

The one thing that stands out for me is the fact that the smell lasts all day long. I find with cheap perfumes you need to reapply a few times throughout the day. So a little of Jo Malone goes a long way. It’s even better if you use it with the body lotion as a special treat. You can also mix and match the scents. You can find out more about this from here. And as for the packaging. One word. Divine.

There are two sizes you can purchase. A 30ml bottle retails at €52 or a 100ml bottle retails at €102. I used to always buy the 30ml bottle because to be honest I couldn’t afford the 100ml. This time however I went for the 100ml because you’re actually getting three 30ml bottles for the price of two by going for the bigger bottle. You can purchase here


Cailyn O! Wow Makeup Brush


Eeek my very first official blog post.  Considering my blog is mostly dedicated to things I love why not start with a recent purchase. The O! Wow brush from Cailyn. There has been much hype about this and of course being the product junkie that I am I had to try it out. To be honest a lot of products that are ‘amazing’ for most people usually don’t work for me but not this time.
It’s an unusual looking thing but it’s genius. The shape of the head is ideal for getting into all those nooks and crannies and the densely packed brush hairs make it glide over your skin beautifully.



The only negative I found was it didn’t work as well with a foundation that had quite a thick consistency on my skin. However I have very dry skin so it may work better for someone with less dryness. Overall I would give this brush a big thumbs up 👍
It retails at €29.95 and you can purchase from here